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Tangible donations 

We want to ask for your help in another way. We have the opportunity to bring along an extra checked bag each on our trip full of donations for the transition home that has been caring for our kids for the last year. They rely on these kind of donations to care for the kids in their care. Will you consider donating something? Large or small, it all makes a big difference. I would be happy to come collect stuff or you can always bring stuff to us! Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you!
The Thomas Center is in VERY desperate need of infant formula and Poly Vitamins.  We will be also using these items for our little ones at Kidane Mehret Children’s Home.

Infant formula: for age 0-12 and 9-24 months
            Enfa Grow



 Poly vitamin  (liquid  only)

Other items of greatest need are:

Disposable Diapers
Hand Sanitizer

Disposable gloves


Diaper Rash Cream

Other items:

Rice cereal

Oatmeal baby cereal

Multi grain baby cereal

Baby Bath Soap

Baby Shampoo

Baby Lotion

Baby Oil

Baby petroleum ointment

Children’s tooth brushes


Baby Powder

Cotton Swabs

Alcohal Swabs


Disinfectant solution

Saline Nasal Drops

Anti Itch Ointment

Clotrimazole cream or ointment

Triple antibiotic ointment

Tetracycline eye ointment

Lice shampoo

Clomacilline Syrup

Amoxa Syrup (125 mg & 250 mg)

Azithromycine Suspension (100 mg)

Multi Vitamins (Gummy type)

Guaifenesin dextromethorphan)

          syrup  or drops

Cough Syrup

Linen Diapers

Plastic Diaper Covers

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2 thoughts on “Tangible donations 

  1. Joelle on said:

    I have a few things to donate where do I drop them off?

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