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Getting Closer…

The day every adopting family waits for is the day your agency calls you and says, “Good news, your referral just came in!” There’s laughing, there’s crying, phones are dropped on the kitchen floor, Instagram and Facebook blow up with #adoption, #referral, #werehavingababy,#somebodypinchme, and #drinksonme. Fees get wired; more documents get signed, notarized and filed. Ads are posted for a biological mother or father to respond and claim their lost, stolen, or abandoned child. Then, the court date is issued. Over-priced airline tickets are hastily purchased. You fly; you soar to distant lands where you see for the first time face to face your new heirs. Your son is so handsome. Your daughter is so wiggly and squishy. It’s brief. You appear in court, you swear and pledge. Your dossier is combed by an eagle-eyed error hunter. It’s good! You pass court, take in a few more eye fulls of your child’s beginning, fly home, wait for court docs to be investigated and approved, and… It’s time to bring them home. More flying, more last-minute adoption reading, more stiff necks, more dirt roads, more butterflies in your stomach, more tears. There they are, right where you left them. “Let’s go home.” You bump, fly, cry, shush, rock, apologize and pray your whole way home where enough loved ones to encourage and celebrate, but not too many that would cause a panic, are there, in the airport, with signs, hugs, kisses, tears and smiles, ‘cause it’s a lot like crossing the Jordan river to that place of great joy, and no more tears, and Yes! No, of course it’s not that, but for a little while it could be. After all, Jesus is there. Abba is there. Your brothers and sisters are there, and it’s a party. It’s the beginning of a great party.

 Please, would you help us get to the party?

As you know, we received the call, the letter was finally signed. There were tears and smiles and no dropped phones, (good thing- I was on a roof).  However, we have not yet reached the full amount of funds needed to accept our referral. Can you help? A little goes a long way, or as my Dad always says, “Many hands make light work.”  We need you. We’ve never endeavored anything like this, it’s so far beyond us. We need you. You really can help. Click here to help bring two beautiful children home to their waiting forever family.

And now for something encouraging.  Just four weeks ago we were $9,000 short on paying our referral fee. This morning we were $6,500 short. This evening we are sitting at $5,500. It’s really happening! Thank you, Heavenly Father, and thank you dear, dear family and friends, and Beautiful Day customers for your love, kindness and generosity.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Closer…

  1. Heather on said:

    My sister-in-law posted your story and it touched me. I would love to host a Noonday Collection trunk show in Portland OR (where I live) with the proceeds going to your family. Is that something you would be open to?

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