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Adoption Update and Support Letter

Dear family and friends,

I want to come right out and say, this is a support letter. You are about to be asked, again, to help two children, stuck for over two years in an orphanage, to finally come home to their new Forever Family. We love you all, and we need your help…

Major things have happened in our adoption process in the last week and a half. Two weeks ago we would have told you that it appeared it was time for us to move on, that the Ministry of Woman’s Affairs responsible for declaring the adoptability of orphaned/relinquished children in the region where our two kids are is unwilling to sign any paperwork. In fact over the last year, very few adoptions within this region, (the largest region in ET), have been finalized, thus bringing to a halt much of the revenue these orphanages need to feed and clothe their children and pay their staff, and many orphanages have shut down altogether. So, when we got the call on December 10th that our paperwork from the Ministry’s regional office had just been signed we were in shock. Time to do work!

What happens after this regional MoWA letter is signed is the issuance and acceptance of an official Adoption Referral. Along with the referral come more forms and filings as well as a sizable referral/acceptance fee. Now, with all that was, or, really wasn’t happening, with the MoWA office over the last year, our last fundraising effort we did was back in June. At that point we had already saved/raised about $25K and paid in about $10K, leaving us now with $15K, allotted for the bulk of the final fees, including the large referral fee. Beyond this, we would need to save/raise funds for airfare. Once Jamie and I receive an official court date in Ethiopia we will fly to Addis Abbaba, the capital.  There we will get to meet these two beautiful children for the first time, as well as appear in court. Upon, (Lord willing) passing court we will actually be sent home while our case is investigated by the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia. Upon receiving clearance from the Embassy, (this can take a couple months), we will fly back over, pick up our son and daughter and fly aaaaaaaaaall the way back home to Tacoma, Washington, where the real work of transition, attachment, bonding, language learning and, in general, raising our two new children to mature adulthood will actually begin. The reality is, this phase we are in, and have been in for the last three years, is really just the prequel to the main story about to begin.

What is our need? Airfare is going to be a large expense with the need for Jamie and I to fly there and back twice, and on that second trip, to bring home our new son and daughter. That’s four round trip and two one-way international plane tickets. We are estimating this cost to be as much as $10K. However, along with receiving our referral on December 19th, we were surprised to see that the fee for accepting the referral for two children was not the approximate $15K like we thought, but actually $24K. We were not expecting this. The process of adopting internationally is a thick, thick process, especially when drawn out over 3 years. We’re not sure where the breakdown in our calculating and estimating occurred, but, bottom line: we are short. We thought we would just be raising support, in two separate phases: the first trip, then the second trip. We thought we were in a good place, but apparently we are about $9K short before airfare.

Can you please help us?  Even though we find ourselves up against what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, we are remembering how we got this far and how it all started. This adoption actually wasn’t our idea. It was God’s idea. He worked to create space in our hearts for more kids when we were otherwise done. Also, not just Jamie and I, but Lily and Beau have, from the first mention three years ago, been fully on board. And the funds saved and rose thus far? All credit to God, who works in miraculous ways to move hearts and funds, for his glory and for the good of many. We have so many stories!

We will be contacting our Agency on Monday, 12/22 to see how we can move forward in accepting this referral with the funds we have available now,  and then make up the difference as soon as possible. Would you be able to help us?

We can actually accept tax-deductible charitable donations, by sending a check to our local agency, Adoption Ministry of YWAM. The instructions are easy but very specific. Click here for the instructions. Does your employer do matching funds for charitable giving? Again, Adoption Ministry of YWAM is a registered 501(c)(3), and can issue tax deductible receipts to you and your employer. Now is perfect timing for a year end donation. Another simple way of donating is by mailing us a check directly, (mailing address below), or by clicking our “donate” button on the side column of our blog. You can get there by clicking here. Again, to be clear, giving to Adoption Ministry is the only tax-deductible option. Now, in the past, some have wanted to donate a larger amount, but had to break it up into smaller, monthly increments. We definitely need funds now to pay this referral acceptance fee, but we will also have airfare, travel, and miscellaneous costs ahead of us in the next few months. Maybe you can give $25, $100, or even $200/month over the next 3 or 4 months. That would be a HUGE help!

Do you have other family or friends, or know other entities that would support our cause? Invite them into the story. Jesus told his disciples that one day he would return in glory with his angels and those whom he knew would be characterized by faith, hope and love that spilled out in acts of grace and mercy to the forgotten, the outsiders, the “least of these”. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says, “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” A brother and sister, 8,400 miles away in a small orphanage need you to act. Just like you, these two are made in the very image of God, the Imago Dei. Just like you, they matter to God. Please help us bring them home. And when they do get home, and we come out from hiding, we will call on you again, because we need you.  After all, it takes a big, loving community to raise a child.

Thank you for the love and support you’ve already shown this family.

Very Truly,

Kyle, Jamie, Lily and Beau


2905 South 7th Street

Tacoma, WA 98405


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