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Oh I wish I could click that insert photo button!  Yesterday we received 6 sweet gifts – new photos of our kiddos!  We saw 7 year old seriousness, smiles, dirty feet, sweetness and teeth (I had been hoping to see a smile with teeth!)  We saw 4 month old smiles, big eyes, drooly chin, chubby arms and precious mostly bald head (yes, it’s confirmed – baby girl is an 11 pound 4 month old!)

We have been reveling in new information, she loves to be talked to, he love soccer, she can almost roll over, his favorite subjects are science and english!  It’s all making this picture more real.  The paperwork pregnancy continues and just as it’s so hard to imagine the person inside of you being REAL, it’s difficult to believe that these kids that we’ve talked about and prayed for, for so long are living, breathing, alive on the other side of the world!

Next week we get to send them photos of us and small toys.  I just can’t even begin to imagine how their hearts will begin to take us in.  I know we have a long road ahead of us in becoming a family, but these first small steps are exciting ones.  

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2 thoughts on “Updates

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    That’s so awesome! Praise God

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