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Oh I wish I could click that insert photo button!  Yesterday we received 6 sweet gifts – new photos of our kiddos!  We saw 7 year old seriousness, smiles, dirty feet, sweetness and teeth (I had been hoping to see a smile with teeth!)  We saw 4 month old smiles, big eyes, drooly chin, chubby arms and precious mostly bald head (yes, it’s confirmed – baby girl is an 11 pound 4 month old!)

We have been reveling in new information, she loves to be talked to, he love soccer, she can almost roll over, his favorite subjects are science and english!  It’s all making this picture more real.  The paperwork pregnancy continues and just as it’s so hard to imagine the person inside of you being REAL, it’s difficult to believe that these kids that we’ve talked about and prayed for, for so long are living, breathing, alive on the other side of the world!

Next week we get to send them photos of us and small toys.  I just can’t even begin to imagine how their hearts will begin to take us in.  I know we have a long road ahead of us in becoming a family, but these first small steps are exciting ones.  


Now Ready for Tax-Eligible Giving

Hi, everyone!  We officially have an account under YWAM’s 501(c)(3) for donations. So, I just wanted to give instructions for how you or your company, your family/friends, or anyone else can give towards our adoption and receive a tax receipt for your donation. Here’s how: It’s pretty specific, but totally easy…

  1. Write a check out to “Adoption Ministry of YWAM”
  2. DO NOT put our names anywhere on the check; leave the “Memo” line blank.
  3. Include a note that says, “Please use these funds towards the Ethiopian Adoption Fund. We request that funds be directed to the Klevjer family if possible.” We have a great relationship with Adoption Ministry and trust them with the donations that come in on our behalf. This language is necessary to keep in compliance with the rules of the IRS.
  4. Include your address on the note so they can send you a receipt.
  5. Mail your donation to

                     Adoption Ministry of YWAM, PO Box 512 Puyallup, WA 98371

YWAM will keep a record of all funds that come in for the Klevjer’s.

Also, if you aren’t real concerned with receiving a tax deduction for your donation feel free to see the Side Bar on this blog and use our “Donate” button or just mail a donation to our address.

My brother revealed a beautiful truth to me the other day when we were talking on the phone. He too is raising support as a city missionary in Seattle with Artist Reformation. He helped me see that calling people to give is actually ministry in itself. Here’s why: when we give from our hearts it’s actually an act of worship. Whether it’s to a missionary, like my friends, Tim and Chie in Japan, or my brother in Seattle, a local foundation/charity or your neighbor who’s in a tight spot- when we give to bless others it is a sweet aroma to God. When we give, knowing that it will be a stretch, (or impossible), we are saying to God, “I trust you. You are my good provider- you’re my Dad who always takes care of me. Please bless these people by your goodness, power, love and provision.” So, I unashamedly ask you to enter into worship with my family and me and help us by giving to us and our children. And, please keep praying for us! We have our first of three home studies tomorrow morning. We are feeling the pains of this paperwork pregnancy- there’s a lot. It feels like a full-time job sometimes. It’s also my off-season. I don’t get many customers from January to April, so it gets real tight this time of year. However, God has always proved faithful to us. We have never gone hungry :o)

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