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Klevjer 2012 Christmas letter

Merry Christmas, Everybody!
The Christmas season seems to have come early this year. I don’t know if it’s because of the late summer that seemed to run right into Thanksgiving, or that I’ve been installing Christmas lighting for my customers since the first week of November… but nevertheless, I am very excited to celebrate. My family has a lot of Christmas traditions, but one of my favorites has been reading a series of Advent stories each night at bedtime. They follow the stories of a few children, just slightly older than Lily and Beau, living in Palestine, and their adventures that wind up intersecting with the young Mary and Joseph and their new born baby.
It’s quite thrilling just to imagine being there. Imagine noticing a bright new star in the sky, much brighter than any other, that seemed to want to be followed. Or, being a shepherd out in the dark field, just shutting your eyes when something like all the lights and amplifiers of Cheney Stadium turning on at once all around you- almost blind and almost deaf at the same time from God’s glorious angels and their singing. Imagine the contrast from our homey-yet-sterile birthing suites today to the noisy, smelly and cramped manger where Jesus was born. It’s funny how one character seems to escape our attention… Joseph. Sure, we give him kudos for not divorcing his pregnant betrothed, but what about adopting her son as his own, raising him to carve and shape wood and to fear and obey God. Not that he’s the main character in the story, but let’s not miss out on acting out the grace and goodness of God towards others.
Our family has been on a journey to adopt children from Ethiopia since this time last year. We have learned and grown a ton in our readiness as a family. Many of our family and friends have shown great generosity in helping us raise funds for the adoption. We are praying hard for God’s wisdom, direction and provision. It may be sooner than we think…
But in the meantime, it’s been a great year. Beau is 8 and in 3rd grade. He is still the shortest boy in his class, but he has really grown as a student, a soccer player and a young man. One of my favorite things I do with Beau is pray at bedtime. For as rough, wild and passionate as he is as a little dude, there really is a tender, thoughtful and compassionate heart inside him, and it comes out when he prays.
Lily is 10 and a 5th grader! Wow! She too is part of the Short Club and co-president with her brother. Make sure to ask her about her new teacher, the Puerto Rican rockstar. She’s doing well in school, has a great little pack of friends, loves to dance, and is very excited at the prospect of being a big sister again. Lily has a mother’s heart. She loves caring for little kids and babies. She is loving, gentle and responsible.
Jamie is wonderful! She is the Queen of the Behind the Scenes. She serves her family, church family, and school in countless ways, and I’ll probably get in trouble for writing that.
And I am so blessed to have this little family who help me grow as a husband, dad and business owner.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
– Kyle, Jamie, Lily and Beau Blog: http://www.tacomafamily.wordpress.com


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