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Giving Spelled Out

Since we last posted almost 2 weeks ago we are now up to $18,000- that’s half way to our goal of $36,000! Thank you SO MUCH! Family, friends, and people we don’t even know have donated or made commitments to donate in the next few months. This is huge!

I wanted to outline our need and the different ways you can help us.

In short, our need is to have the total funds, ($36,000) accounted for within the next couple weeks. We don’t need to have all the funds in our account, or under our mattress, but we do need to have it all accounted for.

If you are able to give what you want now, please do so! (our “donate” button and address are on our Sidebar for quick reference.)

If you aren’t able to give, or give all that you want right now consider committing to a future donation. Maybe you know in a couple months that you will be ready to give $x… commit now and donate later. Or maybe you are able to give $x/month over the next 6 months. Let us know the total amount you are planning to give, then break it up in chunks. Whatever creative means you want, we just need to be able to communicate with confidence to our agency and all other governing entities where the funds are coming from… and fast. We are working on submitting our first application packet as soon as possible to Children’s House International, the agency in Ethiopia, and will need to inform them of how we are planning to pay for the adoption. Just saying, “Fundraising…” is not an option. All funds must be accounted for.

Thank you so much for considering me, Jamie, Lily, Beau, and these two beautiful children in Ethiopia who need a family and a home. Pray for us! Pray for God’s provision, for the readiness of our family, and for the comfort, care and protection of our* children in Ethiopia. Here is an excerpt from Psalm 68, “Father of orphans, champion of widows, is God in his holy house. God makes homes for the homeless, leads prisoners to freedom..”

(*I mean no disrespect by saying “our” children when we have not yet adopted them. I know nothing is final or certain at this point. However, in this process we mean to love these children as our very own, even if this whole thing should fall through.)


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