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Dancin in Dirty Feet

Lily and Beau have really been some of our biggest supporters during this waiting time … they pray every night for our kids and even argue about their desire for girls/boys/one of each.  🙂  I appreciate hearing their hearts and their love for the safety and protection of our kids.  I know it’ll be a long time before they really understand what our sweet kiddos have been through, but in some ways it’s already really opened up their worldview.  

The other night we were driving home and listening to one of our favorite artists – Alex Mabey – we discovered her a couple of years ago on a family trip to Lake Quinault, which is where she’s from.  Well the title track of her CD is called Dancin’ in Dirty Feet and due to Lily’s love of Alex’s music, I’ve probably heard this song 500 times, but for some reason this night, I heard it and thought of our kids.  I was driving and tears were falling and when the song was over, I asked Lily and Beau if that song ever made them think about our kids.  They both almost simultaneously said, “I was just thinking that”.  It was such a precious moment to remember that The Spirit is working to soften our hearts all the time and often at the same time.  What a blessing!

Here’s the song … Enjoy!



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