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Thank You!

Kyle here. I just want to say a big “Thank You!” to all you wonderful ladies (and respective spouses at home) for coming over to our Noonday Collection Trunk Show fundraiser. Thank you for entering into our story on a new level with us. Thank you for purchasing beautiful, hand-made jewelry to support our adoption, Sara’s adoption and the artisans and their families all over the world who make each piece. We greatly appreciate you giving of your resources to help us. And we especially appreciate you giving of your very selves- your hearts.  We know we still have a long way to go, but we also know we are not alone.  You coming around us today and supporting us means so much.  You are all very good family to us.

Oh that  God would give us a greater vision. Just think! Even this one little effort today… the effects right now are that the Klevjer’s are a little closer to their adoption fundraising goal, and we are super encouraged by you and God’s love worked through you. And, think of the future effects- two children rescued and grafted forever into our family. Think of the artisans and their families who are being loved and equipped to work hard and provide for their families. God loves this stuff! When Jesus is explaining the Kingdom of Heaven and what it means to serve Him as the King now, in this life, He talks about feeding the poor, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned. You have served the “least of these” and served Jesus today. “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction…” James 1:27

I know there were many who were not able to give up a Saturday morning to be here for the show, but you can still support us and order until Wednesday.  Make sure to select Sara Brinton as your Ambassador and put “Jamie Klevjer” in the Trunk Show Hostess box.

Thanks so much everybody!

Massive Love!


Dancin in Dirty Feet

Lily and Beau have really been some of our biggest supporters during this waiting time … they pray every night for our kids and even argue about their desire for girls/boys/one of each.  🙂  I appreciate hearing their hearts and their love for the safety and protection of our kids.  I know it’ll be a long time before they really understand what our sweet kiddos have been through, but in some ways it’s already really opened up their worldview.  

The other night we were driving home and listening to one of our favorite artists – Alex Mabey – we discovered her a couple of years ago on a family trip to Lake Quinault, which is where she’s from.  Well the title track of her CD is called Dancin’ in Dirty Feet and due to Lily’s love of Alex’s music, I’ve probably heard this song 500 times, but for some reason this night, I heard it and thought of our kids.  I was driving and tears were falling and when the song was over, I asked Lily and Beau if that song ever made them think about our kids.  They both almost simultaneously said, “I was just thinking that”.  It was such a precious moment to remember that The Spirit is working to soften our hearts all the time and often at the same time.  What a blessing!

Here’s the song … Enjoy!


Noonday Collection Trunk Show

I just wanted to share about our first concrete, tangible fundraising event! It feels good to say that – this has been such a busy season of life, but we are thrilled to be moving forward. I have the privilege to host a Noonday Collection Trunk Show. Noonday supports local artisans, who make beautiful, unique jewelry, accessories and home décor. Everything Noonday Collection offers comes with a story of lives transformed. Noonday Collection is dedicated to creating a pathway out of poverty for artisans in places like Uganda, Ethiopia, India and Ecuador. Noonday Collection is also passionate about giving back generously to support adoption and orphan care. From sandals that provide scholarships to necklaces made from melted artillery.  🙂  A portion of orders at our party as well as online will go directly to our adoption fund!

We would love to have you join us here next Saturday June 9th from 10 – 12, if you’re able. If not, please feel free to check out http://www.sarabrinton.noondaycollection.com, then select Sara Brinton as your ambassador, then put Jamie Klevjer in the trunk show hostess box. This is truly a wonderful way for you to support us and receive something beautiful that can be a reminder to you.

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