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Get your Lemonade!

Sorry for our long absence!  We were feeling like we had nothing to share, but we’re realizing now that’s not true.  So we’re back and our plan is to post more often to help keep everyone in the loop.  

There’s more to update, but for now, I wanted to share what our sweet kiddos have been doing the last few weeks to help raise money to bring their siblings home.  Lemonade!  We’re fortunate enough to live one block away from our local farmers market, so with heavy traffic flow on Tuesday, we came up with this idea for the kids to earn some money this summer.  They joyfully agreed to put it into our adoption account.  We’re very proud!  We’ve been rewarding them with ice cream from the market.  http://www.facebook.com/icecreamsocialcart

They’re having a great time and it’s working!  They’ve raised over $100 so far.  🙂  




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